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Chernihiv Center for Advance Training of Public Officers, Local Self-Government Officials and Executives of National Enterprises, Institutions and Organizations 

Brief Information


The Chernihiv  Center for Advance Training of Public Officers, Local Self-Government Officials and Executives of National Enterprises, Institutions and Organizations  (the official short name – Siverian Centre for Continuing Education, non-official – Centre) was founded by the Chernighiv Oblast State Administration on July16th 1996 according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 398, dated May, 30th 1995. In 2005 the Chernihiv Regional (Oblast) Council became the cofounder of the Centre. The activities of the Сentre are coordinated by the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service.

The Chernihiv Centre is a part of an all-Ukraine wide network of similar educational establishments.


This is a communal educational establishment for the civil and municipal servants within the area of the Chernihiv Region (Oblast). The Centre is also suppled with an allocated budget for its activities.

Mission and Main Tasks

The main area of the Centre’s activities rests within the creation and implementation of short training courses for public officialsstate servicemen and public servants within all bodies of local self-governments within Chernihiv Region (Oblast). During education participants of the Centre’s educational programs receive scientific, methodical, informational and consultative help, training and strategies to aid them in their daily work.


Because of the complex scheduling demands of the oblast, each year the Centre plans its work in advanced for the next calendar year. By the end of the year staff of the Centre make a new schedule which contains information about the target group of participants, the approximate quantity of participants, the date and approximate times of seminars and their topics. In order to prepare this document, the Centre investigates the learning needs of the communities with the help of questionnaires from state and local governments.

Directions of Training

The Centre was certified by the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science for retraining in the following subjects:

  • Public Administration (main: different management training):

  • Philology (additional: English language training for public employees).

According to the certification, the Centre makes implemented training programs which meet the requirements of the Ministry. However the vast majority of participants are new public employees within the first year of their service. These trainings often take the form of an introduction to their relevant specialty, which can include many topics. These training courses typically last for about 10 days.

The majority of courses however are implemented at the Centre without direct consultation and direction of the Ministry of Education and Science. Such thematic training course generally last from 1 to 3 days. For example: “

  • Basic Aspects of Electronic Document System Management

  • Preparation and Implementation of Socio-Economic Development Programs

  • Changes in the Land Laws of Ukraine,

  • Issues of Preventing and Counteraction Corruption

The Number of the Students

Every year between 3,000-5,000 government employees are trained here in accordance with the teaching plan of the Centre. For example, in 2015 there were 4407 participants of the training programs.


The Centre invites professionals from the public sector (70%), from local universities (15 – 20%), and from other public institutions. From time to time professors and other high-trained specialists from Kyiv give lectures at the Centre. The Centre often welcomes foreign experts, including specialists from Germany, Latvia, Poland, and the United States.

Methodology of Educational Process

The Centre provides the following forms of education:




Video Conferences

Business Games

Off-site Workshops

Distance Learning etc.

Methodical Basis of the CentreThe Centre has a library of the printed books and materials (more than 7 000) and electronic publications (about 5,000). Students and participants can access and use video lectures and audio-materials. The Centre conducts its own publishing activities and possess the rights to its own ISBN numbers.Property At present time (the beginning of 2016) the Centre has valuated property in the amount of 742,600 UAH in its operational administration; three-quarters of this property was purchased by paid educational services.International collaboration Among the main partners of Centre are:

  • International Renaissance Foundation (Ukraine);

  • United States Peace Corps (Ukraine)

  • Centre of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Foundation of Hanns Seidel (Germany);

  • NATO

  • Podkarpacky Centre for Local Government of the Local Democracy Development Foundation

Director: Dr. Volodymyr Boyko

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